Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi: Meet Jane

Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi

The heart of Pride and Prejudice is found in the Bennet sisters.  In Phi Alpha Pi, they are sorority sisters and the bond is a little different.  For Lizbeth and Elizabeth, her relationship with Jane is what drives her side of the story.  Today we will get to know Jane, one of the two most important friends in Lizbeth’s life.

Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi: Meet Jane

Here are five things you won’t know about Jane from reading Phi Alpha Pi

  1. In the book we learn about her talent for graphic design and how it shapes her future.  It didn’t start as simple graphic design. Her path started when she learned calligraphy in high school.  From there she learned to develop her own fonts and that led to graphic design.
  2. Her favorite movie is the Princess Bride.  She adores Robin Wright as an actress.  Yes, she loves the new Wonder Woman.
  3. Speaking of which, when she was a child, she wanted to be an Amazon.  She owns the DVDs of the classic Wonder Woman series.  She didn’t want to be Wonder Woman.  She would have been happy to be any Amazon.
  4. She loves to read Agatha Christi mysteries.
  5. She grew up on New Orleans (which you will know from the novel), but her favorite food is her mother’s gumbo.  Her mother has a way of preparing the okra that keeps it from getting so slimy and gross.

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