I Promised You All A Short Story

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A few weeks ago, before I knew how quickly it could happen, I promised everyone that, if I got 100 people to add Modern Persuasion to their GoodReads TBR list, I’d release a pair of short stories I wrote for Modern Persuasion. Well, thanks primarily to running a giveaway on GoodReads, it happened this past week.  Here is what’s going to happen and what you can expect.

Modern Persuasion

OK, here are some things you should know about what I am releasing and how it’s going to be released.

  1. The short stories are connected and, thus, really just 1 short story.  The first part takes place after Emma and Fredrick graduate.  Emma is with Karen and Walter on their way back to NYC.  She has an hour to kill.  The second takes place as Emma and Fredrick leave Chicago together after Louisa’s accident.  Again, she has an hour to kill.
  2. The story will be sent via my mailing list.  So, if you want the story, you need to sign up for the mailing list.  The newsletter goes out monthly and has bonus content each month.  Do you need examples of bonus content?  Last month I sent everyone the story I wrote for the next issue of Mill Pages (which isn’t even out yet).  In future months there will be free copies of Modern Persuasion, Phi Alpha Pi, short stories that are only going to be in anthologies, audiobook samples, and more.  This newsletter only goes out monthly and I promise not to spam you.  Although, I might strongly hint at the power of leaving book reviews.
  3. All new subscribers get the short story “Mary and the Anti-Feminist” for signing up.  Signing up for the mailing list will be the only way to get any short stories released.
  4. About the quality of the short stories.  These are still in the draft phase of writing, so they are choppy and rough.  They are full of my bad writing habits (I am looking at my need to write ‘I am’ over and over).  They are being written for an anthology that, if I can get my act together, will be a bonus book for December.  They are still being edited and will get better.
  5. I’ve got to think bigger next time.  Maybe… if I can get 100 people to sign up for the mailing list, I’ll send them all a free copy of the Modern Persuasion ebook?
  6. You have until the 23rd to sign up– that’s the day the newsletter goes out this month!


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