Book Tour Stop: New York City- May 2017

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It felt like forever since I had been to New York City, but it had only been 2 years.  It was a crazy two years, but that’s not really a long time to have not been able to visit.  I shared a lot of my NYC photos on Instagram, but I didn’t share everything.  If you are interested in everything I did, aside from just walking in circles around Book Expo, here is your chance to see it!

Modern Persuasion

Here is the thing about my book tour- it’s just me going to conferences and meetings.  Well, so far this is what happened on the book tour.  I’m not going anywhere to read and sign the book.  I have a photo album on Flickr.

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So, what did I do??  I stayed in Time Square, which is a common area for me to stay in the city.  Sometimes I stay closer to Columbus Circle and Hell’s Kitchen (because ALL the good restaurants in the area are there).  This time, I ended up in the heart of Time Square.  I could see, and you can too in a photo, my view of the endless lights of Time Square.  I took a few shots of some of the buildings around me.  Most of which were not big landmarks.

The things I took pictures of from Book Expo were the things that excited me.  The Lumberjanes cover banner mentioned unicorns, which really got me excited to get a copy (I didn’t) and the unicorn cutout display did not come home with me (but I did get a tote bag of it).  I also wanted to give you an idea of what it was like to walk into the Javits Center for Book Expo.  This was the conference that inspired the one in Modern Persuasion, so this is the space Emma, Mary, Louisa, Karen, Christi, and Fredrick walked through.  Fredrick’s book would have had a banner like this.

I went to the New York Public Library the night I arrived.  It was on my way to the location of my dinner event that night.  I didn’t get to spend a ton of time there because I found the gift shop and sort of got distracted.  You see the picture of the word cloud book covers.  Yeah… I love them.  I have these editions of Persuasion and Pride & Prejudice.  I saw them at Book Expo too and tried to get a copy out of them, but they needed to save them for the day the public came to the event.  It was OK because I just went to Amazon and bought a copy (and you can too).

For the first time in years, all my evenings were busy with events or seeing friends.  I didn’t see everyone I wanted to see, but I saw a lot of people.  Dinner at the Yale Club was, as usual, a great way to kick off the entire event.  I got some interesting books, heard some interesting authors, and met some cool librarians.  It was my dinner in Mid-Town, on my last night, that produced the most pictures.  I walked to and from the restaurant (a great little French place) and snapped pictures of where Emma might have spent her time.

I’m so glad I got to attend another Book Expo, but I fear I may not go for many more years.  It depends on how things change for me with work.  Going to so many conferences this year was exhausting and this may not change in the future.  I may have to set priorities.  Hopefully, I can convince some friends to join me for future events.  Even having one person come with me makes the entire event very different.  I also think I need think I need help doing the promotional side of being an author at these conferences.  I will talk about it another time, but I can’t seem to take off my librarian/reader hat and put on my author one.

Anyway, in the comments, tell me your favorite place to see in NYC or something you want to see if/when you get there!


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