Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi: Meet Kitty

Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi

There is one more former Bennet sister we have to meet, Kitty.  Kitty almost didn’t make it into this story.  When I wrote the very first draft, I decided to exclude her, not seeing where she could fit into the story.  Then Christi raised a protest and I felt guilty.  As I wrote the second draft, I realized that she could still have a minor role in the story, especially as the sisters of Phi Alpha Pi thought to the future.  You won’t get a lot of time with Kitty, but here are five things I can share.

Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi: Meet Kitty

  1. She loves to make slime and then record videos of it for Instagram.  Jane helped her set up a shop on Etsy so she can sell it.
  2. Kitty is the kind of reader who waits for the movie or tv show to come out before she reads the book.  She refuses to finish a book series if the show or movie series hasn’t finished yet.
  3. Her favorite series is Game of Thrones.  She was worried for a while about not being able to read the series, but since the show is officially ahead of the books, she spent last summer reading all the books that are written so far.
  4. Kitty is the type of girl who is always in gym clothes, but never at the gym.  She just likes the way gym clothes fit her.
  5. Her favorite movie is Titanic, but she doesn’t understand why Jack had to die.  There was plenty of room for him on the door.

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