Book Club of 1 Monthly Book Club

Remember on Monday how I said I wanted a way to bring books back into this blog?  Well, I figured it out.  Actually, I figured it out weeks ago, but I am officially announcing it today.  This post is going to tell ou all about the Book Club of 1 Monthly Book Club!

Monthly Book Club


The premise of this blog, two years ago, was to talk about what I was reading and suggest books to others.  It’s a book club of one because it really was just going to be me.  There was no expectation that others would join me in reading.  I got bored of that and then I tried the read-a-longs.  Those were good, but I suspected that most people didn’t want to do the work to be part of it.  There was a schedule and commenting and *sigh*.  It was too much work for people and me.

The monthly book club is going to be structured a bit differently.  It’s a mix of the two ideas.  Each month I will announce 2 books: a classic/older book and a newer book/recent release.  They will be books I have read or are planning on reading.  If you want to read one or both of them, please do!  If you already read either, please feel free to comment on my discussion post.  There will be one post for each at the end of the month where I will do the discussion and the comments will be open to your thoughts! Bonus, you are always welcome to come back months later when you actually read a book.

What kind of books will we read?  Primarily, adult books from various genres.  If I am looking to read something to prepare for writing a novel, that will be included too.  Here and there we will take on young adult books. One thing you should be prepared for is reading local, independent authors that I think should be supported.


I am going to give you 2 months of titles so you can get your hands on any book you want to read with me.  You will always get at least a month to get ahold of which ever book you want to read.

September Books

October Books

Why 2 months of Emma?  As you all know, I write modernizations of Jane Austen books.  We took on Northanger Abbey when I started working on my version.  This November I am going to start a modernization of Emma and I need to re-read the original to help me prepare.  Its a longer book than any of the others.  To make it easier for everyone, I am going to take my time so I can take the notes I need.

For our newish books, Alex & Eliza is a easy historical romance that is going to be a nice pair with Emma.  If you like Elizabeth Schuyler and Alexander Hamilton, you will probably enjoy this selection. The Radium Girls is a non-fiction book that looks at the women who painted watch faces and got radium poisoning as a result.  I haven’t started this one just yet, but I have been looking forward to it since I got it in May.

Your Ideas

So, I am planning things a head of time.  I am very open to suggestions.  Don’t worry how old the book is!  Tell me which books I should consider for the next year.  Don’t worry if I have read it or even discussed it on the blog.  The idea is to share our thoughts.  If it works, then I will add it!  I am looking forward to your suggestions!


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