Pinterest Board of the Month: Paris

Pinterest Board of the Month

I am in this weird lull of activity with Modern Persuasion. I think its because I am getting a better process for promotion and getting into a good groove. It has allowed me to put more attention to Phi Alpha Pi.  Part of the story, a small but important part, takes place in Paris in the springtime.  My friends know this, but my readers might not: I love Paris.

Pinterest Board of the Month

I wasn’t sure I was ready to share one of my personal favorite boards, but this Pinterest board helped me get back to my memories of Paris.  A lot of things Emily (who was with me in Paris) and I did while there, made it into the Paris scenes.  This month I am going to share the Pinterest board I have had since I first got on Pinterest years ago… Paris!

Enjoy and send me pictures from Pinterest that you think I should add!

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