Modern Persuasion’s Not a Book Tour: Montreal, Canada

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I have never been to Canada before, at least, not until this summer. I wish this trip had happened at a better time in my summer, but… Well, let me tell you both the good and bad about the trip.

Modern Persuasion

So, if you saw the pictures from Instagram, you know I was there for a Wikipedia Conference.  I am going to talk about the conference another day because it was amazing and deserves its own post.

The reason I have only one stop to share was a combination of a few factors.  First, I was there for a very busy conference.  I was in meetings almost all day.  Second, there wasn’t much I knew about Montreal or places I wanted to see.  Three, I got sick on this trip and it left me exhausted.  Each morning I found it difficult to get out of bed and every evening I wanted to come back to the room and relax.  I didn’t have the energy or time for tour.  Fourth, I was simply tired from a summer of so much.

I watched a lot of Canadian television, including attempting The Simpsons in French.  I ate at Tim Hortons.  My primary tourist activity was the Barbie Expo, which I thought was fantastic!  I loved walking around for a half hour looking at Barbie dressed by famous designers, as characters, in clothes inspired by countries, and more.  The vast majority of the pictures in this album were from the Barbie Expo, which was about as big as a store in a mall… because it was basically a store in the mall.

Montreal, Canada – August 2017

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I loved seeing Barbies that I knew friends and family would enjoy.  There are a few I wish I could afford, but most run at over $50 on Amazon and I don’t love Barbie that much.

Did this trip have anything to do with Modern Persuasion?  Nope, but I did talk to people about it.  This trip was really about learning both professionally and my personal limits.  So, I hope you enjoy the Barbie Dolls!  Next time I go to Montreal, I hope to go with a better plan and a lot more rest.  I told my mother, when I got home and the cold really set in, that I will never take the bus again.  A lot of the negativity of the trip was rooted in my choice of travel. I could have driven and had a much better trip. Lesson learned for future traveling.

In the comments, tell me some of the things I missed in Montreal.  I will look into visiting these next time.

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