BCo1 Monthly Book Club – September pt.1

You might remember that I am trying something new to bring books (other than my own) back to the blog.  This 2 part monthly book club features a classic and a new-ish book.  This week we are going to discuss Alex and Eliza.

Monthly Book Club

I listened to the audiobook for Alex and Eliza on the bus trip to and from Montreal.  It was fun to listen as the bus went through the region where some of the story takes place.  If you don’t know (which I didn’t until I was on the bus), there is a Schuyler, NY, not too far away from where the bus was driving through.

I did love this story about the blooming romance between Elizabeth Schuyler and Alexander Hamilton.  De La Cruz didn’t seem to dumb down any of the Schuyler sisters for the sake of a romance, which I can’t help but adore.  All three seem pretty spot on for their real counterparts.  At the same time, it is a young adult/new adult romance story.  It has the politics of the period, but they play a backdrop to the romance for all three sisters.  The politics of romance in Revolutionary America was fascinating.  Angelica’s elopement is hardly a scandal and unofficially encouraged by her parents.  It’s Eliza who is put in a position to not follow her heart because of the politics of who Alexander Hamilton was.  He lack of heroics and glory seem more the objection than his wealth or any other qualification that might speak against him.

We are also dealing with love that grows over time together.  There isn’t love at first sight for either, although Hamilton is very intrigued by Eliza.  She has a lot of reasons to dislike him from misunderstandings to issues related to her father.  I didn’t think she even realized she liked him until it was clear she couldn’t have him.  He slowly wins her over by showing her the man he really is, not by tricking her.  It was sweet and easy to read this book.  If you love stories about Hamilton, you should read this one (cough cough Christi cough cough).

Has anyone else read it?  Share your thoughts or argue points with me in the comments!


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