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It’s always fascinating to see the web of my world come to life.  Yes, I didn’t grow up in Massachusetts, but my mother did and my parents lived here for quite a while before we moved to Miami.  Even now, after 15 years, I have connections where I least expect it.  One of those connections brought me to visit the Lowell Rotary Club in September to talk about Modern Persuasion.  Here is a little more about the experience.

Modern Persuasion

I know very little about the Rotary Club and it’s mission, at least not as much as I could know.  Obviously, I did my own research about the club.  I am familiar with other civic organizations.  My grandfather has been a member of the Lion’s Club in his town for longer than I have been alive.  As a child I did speaking competitions sponsored by Optimist International.  Even in college, before I failed out, I was part of Alpha Phi Omega, which is a co-ed fraternity focused on civic engagement and volunteering.

When I was asked to speak at one of their weekly meetings in September, I was excited to build some local connections.  I have been very aware of branching out to new groups locally, especially with the Creaticity event a few days before my visit to the Rotary Club.  One of the things I have learned from a variety of places is to be able to speak to more than the book itself. I have sat through enough book and poetry readings to know there is an attention span limit for readings.  I also believe not everyone wants to hear about writing and publishing the book.  I have been thinking about what I want to speak about when I have to talk to non-readers.  I decided to use what I prepared for Creaticity and really develop that further.

It was an interesting meeting with singing and a nice lunch.  Members are a mix of long time members and younger local professionals.  I met a bunch of interesting local people and shared my experience with failure, mistakes, and regret.  I strongly suspect this is going to be the topic I speak about often.

I hope to be able to get to speak to more local groups.  It prompted me to create an information sheet about me as a speaker.  It’s something I can easily do as a webpage too and can put on both my professional portfolio and my author webpage.  Until then, let me know if you would like me to speak to a group in person or virtually!


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  1. Sara you are doing so great! I think we as avid readers and writers forget that there is a large group that is very productive in the area who don’t read or write for hours on end. I would live to have you come speak at an event, but don’t know of one yet. Springfield is up and coming in this type of subject. I am reading on P & P. Waiting for the club to start. Sande

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