Pinterest Board of the Month: Phi Alpha Pi Inspiration

Pinterest Board of the Month

It’s that time of month when I share one of my Pinterest Boards.  This month we are beginning to step into the world of Phi Alpha Pi.  Recently my friends and family got to help pick symbols to represent the sorority at the center of the story.  To help me and my cover designer, I created a board related to these items.

Pinterest Board of the Month

Every sorority has its symbols to represent themselves.  I wanted to play with the theme for the cover design.  I also need ideas for eventual swag and giveaway items.  I created this board with all that in mind. A lot of members make their swag themselves.  It’s a big deal with personalize items for your big/little sister.  You craft for them with t-shirts, cups, quilts, and other items.  It’s a big deal with get something handmade from another sister.  Hopefully this board will give you an idea of what some of those things are like.

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