Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi: Meet Colin Collins

Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi

It’s time to get back to Phi Alpha Pi and the characters you are going to meet when you read it.  Mr. Collins is the biggest buffoon in all of Austen’s works, at least in my opinion.  I struggled to think of what type of man he would be in the 21st century.  I didn’t have to think hard about it.  We all know that kind of man and it’s not necessarily good.  His mother, Mrs. C, was introduced back in November.  Here are five things you won’t know about Colin Collins from reading the book.

Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi: Meet Colin

  1. His favorite thing to eat is his mother’s tuna casserole.  She makes a really good one too, She makes her own bechamel sauce and fries her own shallots.
  2. Colin has a very specific idea of who he wants to be and he likes to do things that make him appear like that kind of man.  In this case, he voted for Trump because he thinks that’s the kind of man he wants to be.
  3. He has a fedora collection.
  4. His favorite movie is Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull because he likes Shia LaBeouf.  He also thinks he very like Indiana Jones.
  5. I would use the word Broflake to describe him.

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