Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi: Meet Jorge

Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi

The best villains are the ones you love to hate and hate to love.  George Wickham was that villain in Pride & Prejudice.  As I played with modernizing him, I needed to find a way for him to manipulate people to pity him.  Wickham is the master of playing to pity.   I realized he is the type of man who would use his race or ethnicity to his advantage.  He became Jorge, but before you assume what type of man he is, here are five things to help prepare you to meet him.

Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi: Meet Jorge

  1. His mother was a Latina and he was named for her father.  He actually doesn’t identify as Latino, but is certainly willing to use it to his advantage.
  2. His father and Wi’s father were childhood friends.  While Jorge’s father was just an employee, he was treated as if he was a full business partner.  Wil’s father promised his friend he would take care of his son.  This was because, since he was not an actual partner, he did not have a share of the business that Jorge could inherit.  Wil’s father made a trust fund for Jorge.
  3. He is not the same age as Wil, he is about three years older.
  4. He didn’t finish college before he blew all the money in his trust fund.  He managed to get a job in the admissions office at Yale University.  As a recruiter, he goes to different universities to talk to people about their graduate programs.  He claimed, when he was hired, that he planned to use the perk of free tuition at the school to finish his degree.  That was about five years ago and he has yet to do so.
  5. How does someone with no college education get this job?  He is really good at sales and he is very charismatic.  He is very good at getting people to do what he wants.  That is, until they realize how manipulative and narcissistic he is.  Once they know, they never fall for him again.
  6. One last bonus point, his favorite movie is A Clockwork Orange.

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