Goals for 2018

Last Friday I talked about how I did with my goals for 2017. I was pretty pleased with the progress I made. This week, let’s look at the goals I’m setting for 2018.

Annual Goals


We started here last year, so let’s do that again this year. I mentioned last week that I need to find something other than weight as a metric for success. I’m still not sure what that is, but I think I can figure it out this year. That’s why my goal for 2018 is to track different metrics to see which one works best for me. Will it be heart rate, length of workout, miles biked, frequency of gym, size of clothes, or inches? All of it will be tracked and my system will get tweaked through the year.
My other health goal is to more consistently hit my ‘6,000 steps a day’ walking goal. I might hit it three days a week, but I should be doing that more often, not just when I have a busy day. A stretch goal for this is to increase it to 7,000 steps a day.


I was able to set some bench marks this year, but I’m going to continue to use Modern Persuasion to set them for the first year of a book. As my collection of books grows, I will talk to other authors about their metrics, but I’m looking at the first six months of Phi Alpha Pi. Here are those goals:

  1. Sell 50 copies before release (pre-sale)
  2. Sell 100 copies in month 1
  3. Sell 200 copies by the end of month 2
  4. Sell 400 copies by the end of 6 months
  5. Get 40 reviews for Phi Alpha Pi by end of 2018

Yep, those are a lot of very specific and measurable goals. The big one is #4, which basically doubles what Modern Persuasion did. It’s a big jump, but I think I can do it.

Other publishing goals include:

  1. Release Phi Alpha Pi audiobook by September 2018
  2. Release short story collection in December 2018
  3. Finish Missing Auggie’s final draft by December 31st 2018.
  4. Prepare for New Devil short story collection serialization

Reader Engagement

Last year I picked one word to describe what I wanted to do with readers to the blog: Connection. I have been thinking about what I want the word to be for 2018. It took me a little while: Growth. I want to continue to grow and connect to more people. This year this might mean things like letting other people take over this blog, sharing other authors on the mailing list, letting the mailing list members get to help with content in books and promotion, or who knows what else.

Based on my numbers at the end of the year, here are my goals to grow with reader engagement

  1. Connect with more readers to double my newsletter and Facebook followers.
  2. Increase and improve the content on the blog and webpage to double the number of hits between 2017 and 2018.

I’m keeping these two goals pretty simple because a lot of time will be spent identifying what works for all four different mediums.  Each one serves a different purpose in connecting with people.  The key is to figure out what works best for which one.

Fun Goals

Taking a real vacation this year was a nice change and a good way to end the year of endless travel (or so it felt).  I can’t continue this much travel in 2018, but I can make the travel I do count.  For example, I am going to New Orleans for a conference in June and will stay to do some important research.  I would like to go to India as well and there is a strong possibility that I will be able to do that.  I also expect to go back to Miami to do an event for Phi Alpha Pi’s publication (it was so much fun doing it this year), but other than that, I plan on staying local.  I would love to do comic cons and things locally this year, especially since I have a difficult time wearing the author hat when I’m not at an event as an author.  Additionally, there is some I want to go to for research purposes.  These will be fun new experiences for me too.

Other than that, I’m not going crazy with goals.  I have grown bored with the goals I reach all the time.  I know I can read about 100 books.  I know I can knit 25 projects a year.  I don’t want to have those as goals anymore.  It’s not that I’ll stop doing them.  I’m just not setting them as goals. If the word for the year is growth, the goals I set should focus on the ways I want to grow, not on the things I already do because I do them every year.

What about you?  What are your goals for the new year?  Tell me in the comments!


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