Not A Book Tour: Disneyland December 2017 (part 2)

Not A Book Tour

Last week I told you about the first day of the trip and went over some of the things I got a bit obsessed with.  Today, I’m going to tell you about day two of our Disneyland adventure.

Not A Book Tour

I didn’t walk as much over the next two days as I did on day one, but I also didn’t push myself as much as I did on day one.  I didn’t want to exhaust myself and not enjoy the rest of the trip.  We also had to coordinate five people, all of whom had different plans and levels of energy.  While California Adventures was completely new to me, Disneyland and The Magic Kingdom are very similar parks.  At least, they were when I was last in the Magic Kingdom.  When we rode Space Mountain the previous night, I was reminded of my very first childhood visit to The Magic Kingdom.  At five, I was tall enough to ride the rollercoasters.  To this day I love the rides that are fast, with sudden changes in direction, and make my stomach flutter.  If it goes upside down, even better.  All of this is because the very first rollercoaster I ever rode was Space Mountain.

Walking through the park was like revisiting a lot of rides I loved as a child and clearly still love now.  While I don’t understand how any parent takes a young child on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride (there is a devil judge), it is one of my favorites.  As are all the “black light rides”. These are the rides that don’t rely on video screens or anything other than paint and black lights to create the effect.  These include: Snow White, Peter Pan, and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. I don’t know how many of these rides are left in The Magic Kingdom, but they are still in Disneyland and I loved them.  So much so that all the research I did about rides ended up focusing on these.

Disneyland is much smaller than the Magic Kingdom, but of the two parks it was my favorite.  We did take a much needed break after lunch.  We thought it would be short when we decided to see the Frozen live show.  Not only was it a whole hour long, but it was just a shortened, live action version of the movie.  I enjoy Frozen and I’ve listened to Let It Go almost as often as many toddler girls I know, but it wasn’t necessary.  We also had fast pass tickets to get on the Guardians of the Galaxy ride (the old Tower of Terror) soon after so we continued out break with beers and shopping.  Should you have a beer before going on a ride that bounces you up and and down as if on a bungee cord?  No, no you shouldn’t, but I did because I have a stomach of steal… except when it comes to dairy.  Some of us barely made it off the ride.  I went shopping right after the ride was over and then we had some dinner.  No really, stomach of steal!  I should have explored this further at a younger age.  I would probably really enjoy sky diving and bungee drops…

Three of us ended the day with dinner.  I think there was some regret that we didn’t go back for the fireworks show, but I was honestly exhausted and I know at least one of us wasn’t feeling great.  We had this plan, at one point, to take a break and then go back, but it wasn’t going to happen for me.  At least, not by this point.  My body was still three hours ahead of schedule and I rarely stay up to midnight these days.  As soon as we got back to the hotel I crashed and rested for our last day in the park.

What was your first amusement park ride as a child?  Do you remember the experience?  Tell me in the comments!




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Disneyland 2017 – Day 1 And 2

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