Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi: Meet Anne

Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi

Anne is never really appreciated in the original Pride and Prejudice.  She’s a tool for her mother to control others and live out a fantasy of being a mother.  She is silent and sickly.  I suspect she was pretty freaking angry most of the time.  I think she was sitting there silently seething at a woman who probably kept her sick so she could control her.  I wanted her to be something more than that.  I wanted her on the brink of rebellion and just looking for the catalyst.  Here are five things you won’t learn about Anne by reading Phi Alpha Pi

Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi: Meet Anne

  1. When she was little, she wanted to be Cat Woman, specifically either Eartha Kitt or Michelle Pfeiffer’s versions.
  2. She has a crush on Lizbeth’s brother Josh.  Since she lives on the property next to their grandparent’s “farm”, she has seen him at the house on his vacations.  It’s actually going to be a mutual attraction eventually.
  3. She’s going to experiment a lot with her sexuality until she realizes that women aren’t any better in relationships then men are.  They aren’t easier to deal with and everyone is capable of being a terrible partner.
  4. Her favorite movie is Blade Runner.  She has seen all versions of the movie and didn’t hate the recent sequel.
  5. Her favorite author is Neal Stephenson.  He is an author who combines science fiction with historical fiction and is pretty amazing.  His most famous (and her favorite) is Cryptonomicon.

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