Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi: Meet Dr. Bennett

Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi

Since this was no longer a family structure, I had to think about how the Bennett parents got to fit into this story. Mrs. Bennett, obviously, became Colin’s mother and the sorority house manage. Mr. Bennett became Dr. Bennett and fit into Lizbeth’s academic circle. He is her favorite professor and thesis advisor. Here are five things you won’t know about him from reading Phi Alpha Pi

Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi: Meet Dr. Bennett

  1. His favorite book series is The Wheel of Time series
  2. His favorite movie is Rocky
  3. He spends his summer breaks consulting with corporations and non-profits about diversity in the workplace.
  4. Lizbeth picked him as her thesis advisor because, in her first ever sociology class with him, he criticized his own class content and had the students work with him to redesign the class.  It showed her that he was willing to admit his limitations and wanted to have dialogues rather than lectures.
  5. He is an amateur magician.

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