International Correspondence Writing Month

InCoWriMo and Postcards

Last year I got into sending mail via postcards and letters. I ran a postcard club where I mailed postcards to people who signed up. In February I participated in International Correspondence Month (InCoWriMo). In April I did another month long event called Write On. Through the rest of the year I did my best to keep up with the letter writing and postcard sending, but as things got really busy in July (and never seemed to stop), I was often only able to send postcards with quick holiday wishes. With February coming back around and InCoWriMo starting again, I’ considering reviving my letter writing efforts. Today I will discuss more about what happened last year and what I’m doing differently this year.

InCoWriMo and Postcards

I’ve been trying something new with my busy work goals (read so many books, write letters all year, etc.). I’ve been thinking about why I started setting these goals initially. For most of them it was to have something to work towards when things were slow. The postcards and letter writing goals started last year when I was preparing for Modern Persuasion to be published. If you recall, until mid-April, I had a publisher doing all the heavy lifting. What I was doing was working on the next novel and preparing for marketing of Modern Persuasion. My free time changed when I became my own publisher, a second full time job if I do it all on my own.

I’ve talked about it before, but self publishing was an educational and illuminating experience. The work that goes into making a book is extensive and usually taken for granted. If you notice the work, then I’ve done it wrong. As I work on Phi Alpha Pi, I understand I don’t need busy work. I don’t need to fill my time with meaningless goals. I have less time to read and knit, my two most important passions outside of writing. I want to spend my free time very differently because of new priorities. I’m giving up on the busy work goals. I was ready to let go of the postcard and letter writing until I saw just how much I had.

It turns out I have an addiction to stationary (I think most people who meet me know this)! I love to buy postcards when I travel. I love to find new notecards. I have a small crate full of them and I clearly bought more over the year. I have so many postcards that I can send people them all year and still have a bunch more. I need to get rid of it!  I need to clean things out, but not through them out.  With that in mind, I’ve decided to continue writing letters and postcards this year.

I’m already doing InCoWriMo, where I send 28 letters in 28 days.  I will also continue with WriteOn in April, that is until I run out of steam because I will also be re-writing Missing Auggie.  Today I’m posting the signup form for the last of these, my Postcard Club!

Sign up if you want to get postcards from me!

A bonus this year, you can send postcards to me.  I will email my mailing address to everyone who signs up.  You can send one a month (or more if you really feel motivated).  You can wish me a happy holiday for that month, you can write special notes, or you can just sign your name.  It’s a way for us to connect in a different way.

So, sign up and ask your questions (in the comments for those).


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