It’s a Vacation- Sort of!

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It’s March and right now I need a break from the blog. There are two reasons:

  1. Phi Alpha Pi is about 3 months away from being released and it’s time to focus on the final production.
  2. Missing Auggie is the next book to go into production and I need to finish writing.

There are a few other reasons that are less important:

  1. I need a break.
  2. It’s not easy coming up with things to write about!
  3. If I don’t take this break (sort of), the blog might become the first victim in my seasonal affective disorder’s need to burn it all down.
  4. I need to brainstorm about the future of the blog. Creating content takes time away from doing this.

What do I mean by “sort of”? I love writing the blog and I want to keep in the habit of writing posts, especially as I ramp up promotion of Phi Alpha Pi (and start promoting Missing Auggie). I have posts already scheduled and a few more planned. I just need to focus on the two big tasks on my plate and use this blog as the way to help me do that. So, there will be one post a week, probably related to one of the two books or writing in general.

That’s not to say there won’t be other posts. I’m just trying to manage my time better and not burn out. Believe me, the seasonal affective disorder is obviously about burning out as much as it is about brain chemistry. This is a chance to recharge and see what else I’m interested in doing. Look for a few videos for things I might have originally written blog posts about.

So, starting this month (after this post), watch for blog posts on Tuesdays!

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