Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi: Meet… Phi Alpha Pi

Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi

Here we are, at the final profile for Phi Alpha Pi. It’s weird, but I’m going to introduce you to the sorority at the heart of Phi Alpha Pi. Some of these details will be about sororities in general, so you can understand some of the culture around these organizations. Other information will be about this fake sorority.

Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi: Meet The Sorority

Here are 5 things you won’t know about Phi Alpha Pi from reading the book.

  1. Members of my mailing list and Facebook group got to vote on details and symbols for the sorority.  It is very common for the national level of the sorority to identify things like symbol, gem, and even Greek Goddess.  When you see these items on the cover or in promotional material, this might help you understand. Here’s what we came up with:
    1. Animal: Butterfly
    2. Symbol: Diamond
    3. Flower: Bleedinghearts
  2. Not all sororities have houses on their campuses.  In the Northeast, for example, most have offices on campus.  There were once laws about the number of women who could live in one house without a man present.  Tell me why you think this is in the comments.
  3. Not all sorority houses allow members to sleep in their rooms. Some Universities, Florida State being a very specific example, has a sleeping porch that all residential sisters sleep on.  Tell me in the comments why you think that is.
  4. Even though Risa didn’t use these colors in her cover design, the Phi Alpha Pi colors are hot pink and black.  You will see these colors used on the merchandise in my store.
  5. I mentioned that some sororities have associated themselves with Greek Goddesses.  I didn’t let people vote on it, but as soon as I did some research, I knew Persephone was the right goddess for this sorority.  Persephone is the goddess of spring and the wife of Hades.  She spends half the year with her husband in Hades and the other half of the year on earth (thus the seasons).

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