July Recap


Here we are at the end of July, which turned into an interesting month.  Between recovery from New Orleans, the Phi Alpha Pi launch party, and changes to my writing habits, there’s a lot to share.


Phi Alpha Pi

It’s been two months since Phi Alpha Pi came out and while reviews are coming in, sales seem flat. At least, flatter than I hoped. I have a theory that there are two main reasons for this. In a twist, sales for Modern Persuasion haven’t dropped much.  First, and most importantly, I’ve been giving Phi Alpha Pi away for free.  Why would anyone buy a book they can get for free?  With my newsletter drip campaign giving them the information about Modern Persuasion, the sales seem to be coming from those who got the new book for free and then went to buy the older one. I decided to switch back to Modern Persuasion as the free giveaway from BookFunnel.  I tweaked the emails in my drip campaign and time will tell how things change.

The other reason and I have less to base this theory on, might be because I’ve established these books as a series. Even though it’s an anthology series with connections that only happen in the short stories, people see that its book two and buy book one first.  I might have to accept this as a reality and adjust my goals to accommodate this fact. I want to do some research into how authors with series handle this. It will help me plan for the future books better.

The launch party was a huge success! One of my biggest concerns is that people wouldn’t show up. I’ll talk about the party in another post, but I had a great time and will probably do it again in the future.

Speaking of The Future

July has not been the month I thought it would be. Frankly, this year hasn’t been the year I thought it would be. There will be a longer entry about this, but know that right now I’m not planning on releasing anything. That is until it’s ready. I’m not happy with Missing Auggie, and the editor agreed it needed some high-level work. I’m not loving all the Kraulaak stories. My mind is half on one story and half in another universe. I’m burnt out and taking some time off from writing. Focusing on promoting Phi Alpha Pi is going to be the one thing I can commit. When it comes to writing, I’m going to write what I feel like writing at the moment I feel like writing it.

I’m also reconsidering the way I write, the order things happen in, my rigidity with scheduling, and what is worth publishing. I feel confident that I’m giving up things. This blog might be something I give up, but there will be something in its place, and there will be content here.  I’m playing with new groups of people; like those doing the Pitch Wars program, again I’ll share in another post. You can see that even what I’m doing here now is changing and focused on the experiences I’m having as a self-published author.

For now, things are very up in the air.  I hope this changes before the end of the year, but we shall see!


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