August Recap

Monthly Recap

August came with a much-needed break and reboot. All the decisions made in July needed to be put into action. I primarily spent the month writing and outlining what I want to write moving forward. What went on with each book this month? Here’s the recap!

Modern Persuasion:

This is currently the newsletter freebie on BookFunnel and will probably be so until December. This has resulted in a drop in sales, but that was my intent. It did pass the 500 sale mark in August, which is a huge achievement. If you talk to authors, there is a general idea that most books never sell more than 500 copies in their lifetime. Now that Modern Persuasion has hit that landmark, less than 18 months after it was published, I feel like it’s set and I don’t need to worry about it anymore.

Phi Alpha Pi:

I continue to work to promote Phi Alpha Pi. I’ve begun connecting more with Kobo readers, who are predominately non-US readers. I had my book in a special sale with them, which got me a bunch of attention and sales. This also means I’m closer to my goals for Phi Alpha Pi than I expected. I’m still scheduling events for the Fall to promote it. I’ll be in Miami on October 21st at Temple Beth Am (again) before driving up to Disney World… for research. I’m almost ready to release the audiobook! We’re reviewing and tweaking the final files. I think it should be ready in early September!

A Little More Phi Alpha Pi:

The announcement has been made about this short story collection. I have the cover ready, I have the six stories ready, and I have most of the character profiles expanded. I want to do some editing and maybe write one more story. A few have already been shared with readers. For example, if you sign up for my mailing list, you get the story of how Lizbeth was elected president of the sorority. I love the cover, I love the way this sub-series is getting branded, and I think I love these stories more than the ones I wrote for Modern Persuasion. Some people have already seen the cover, but it will officially be shared on November 5th and the book will be out on December 3rd.

Woodhouse Hall:

I’m still writing it and enjoying the story. I’m hoping to have it ready for Beta Readers soon and done before my October trip to Disney. Why? The Disney trip kind of is research for another book and being able to focus on notes, brainstorms, and content for book #4 would be productive. If all goes to plan, this book could be ready by next Fall!

Other things going on:

If you haven’t been paying attention, I’ve been adding more videos to YouTube. Not only did the launch party videos go up, but I’m doing an Ask-Me-Anything campaign. Each month I’ll post a new video answering another question that you’ve submitted. 
I’m also planning on being part of a self-publishing workshop with some fellow local authors (to Chelmsford and Lowell, MA) in September. It’s exciting to realize I’ve built, over the past two years, a set of skills about publishing and promoting my work.
I’m doing author takeovers on the Fan Room on Facebook. The August one went really well and I’m doing another on September 15th.

Mostly I took a break this month. I avoiding loading up my time with things to do. This will be something I’ll need to work harder to do in the Fall when all the meetings begin again and I want to go to all sorts of events locally. I’m continuing my efforts to look at my work as an author as another job. I’m going to be working on a strategic plan and doing an audit of my social media to see if I can do this more effectively. My hope is to minimize my Winter burn-out in February and to not feel like I’m spinning my wheels without making any connections. We will see how I do come February!


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