Why the Movie Might Be Better Than The Book…

I'm a Romance Author?

You’re probably going to want to fight me about this, but there are times when the movie is better than the book.

I finally got to see Unleashing Mr. Darcy, a modernization of Pride & Prejudice set around dogs. I don’t read other Jane Austen fan fiction (JAFF) until I’m done writing a specific book. So, I waited until I was done with Phi Alpha Pi to return to Pride & Prejudice related JAFF. I specifically prefer modernizations of these stories.  This one has been on my list since the movie came out.  I loved the movie, but there was one big reason: PUPPIES!


This wasn’t the only reason and we’ll get to that. I watched the movie and promptly got onto the library’s webpage to download the ebook. I was ready to give it a try. For me, the RomCom movie is typically better than any romance book.

I bought 13 Going on 30 so I can watch it anytime, Never Been Kissed is permanently on my Tivo, and so is French Kiss. My sister and I have quotes from Forgetting Sarah Marshall.


I think I know the reason: the inner monologue of our narrator. I love to read a first-person narrative and be in the head of our narrator. I love unreliable narrators. I hate romance narrators. This is where the reader is exposed to the obsession sins: weight, marriage, and babies.

Wait… no, there’s four of them… I keep forgetting AGE!

We’re going to get into each of the four in later posts, but let’s deal with this issue. When you live in your narrator’s head, you are exposed to their obsessions. We all have the things we obsess about. For example, I obsess about being on time, Cedric care, and a stomach that wants me to stop eating gluten.  Reading these obsessions over and over is, in my opinion, crappy to read. I get it the first time.

Side note, my main objection to 50 Shades of Grey is Anastasia’s inner monologue.  The movie removes this and allows me to enjoy looking at Jamie Dornan without listening to Anastasia’s inner goddess.

This is why I lean towards RomComs, the limited voice for our narrator. Instead, the story’s details are shown to us. This happened to me with Something Borrowed, which is an underrated movie. I love the movie. I love most of the actors, the plot is different, and you have a moral issue about the relationships in our lives. I also own this movie.

The book is different because we’re in Rachel’s head and she’s obsessed with the four sins. So, while she is dealing with being in love with her best friend’s fiance, having an affair with him, recognizing her friend’s bad behavior, and the fiance’s inability to make a decision, she’s also obsessing about how 30 is too old, she’s too fat, she’ll never get married, and she’ll never have babies.

This is why I think RomCom movies are better than their books.

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