Getting to Know Woodhouse Hall: Meet Amelia

Woodhouse Hall

I know, I said I wasn’t going to do character profiles for the next book. I lied! I’ve been having so much fun getting to know the characters in Woodhouse Hall, even the jerks, that I decided to share them here with you. This is only going to be done once a month if I have room for the post.

Woodhouse Hall - Meet Amelia

Today, we start with Amelia, our main character! Here are five things you won’t know about her from reading the book:

  1.  She was a competitive swimmer in high school, but she gave it up in college.
  2. She likes to play episodes of HGTV shows in the background while she does her class work. She’s seen them all so many times that she doesn’t have to pay attention, but it’s the right “white noise” to help her focus.
  3. Her favorite books are hot and steamy biker romances.
  4. She’s dated a few guys casually and hooked up with a couple, but she’s never had a serious boyfriend. She’s never met anyone she liked that much.
  5. She HATES horror movies.


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