Getting to Know Woodhouse Hall: Meet Adam

Woodhouse Hall

Woodhouse Hall is being read by my beta readers, the first round of people who can give me feedback on the story. You all get to read the second character profile.

Woodhouse Hall - Meet Adam

This time we get to meet Adam, Amelia’s best friend and the Resident Assistant (RA) on their floor of Woodhouse Hall. Here are five things you won’t know about him by reading the book:

  1.  He likes to paint landscapes to relax and he’s pretty good.
  2. He LOVES Star Wars. So much so that he’s read ALL the canonical books, the extended universe, the comics, and anything that gets published.
  3. Like Amelia, he swam competitively in High School. This is how they became friends. He doesn’t swim for the university’s team, but he does swim to relax. They had been friends all their lives, but this is when it became a real friendship, not just one based on proximity.
  4. He comes from a military family. Both his parents are retired from the Army.
  5. His dream Spring Break is one where he just gets to sleep. He never does it though because there’s always something he wants to do more.

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