Announcing: Kraulaak Release Dates!


It’s been years in the making, but this spring I’ll be releasing Kraulaak, a short collection of interconnected horror stories.

I can’t make this point more pointedly: HORROR!

Yes, if you prefer my romance and don’t like horror, then please skip this volume. It’s not for you. If you like horror too, then I hope you enjoy this collection of eight stories.

It seems like a small, quiet library in a small New England town. Underneath is a secret that enslaves them all. Kraulaak, a frozen wasteland, demands sacrifices, waiting on the other end of a concealed portal.

These eight stories consider different points of views: the children who know something is wrong, the reporter who stumbled on something strange, two of the librarians managing the portal, and even Kraulaak itself. What is Kraulaak and what does it want? Explore this hungry world with author Sara Marks.

This book won’t be out until April 2019. Here are all the specific dates leading up to that day.

  • Cover release: March 12
  • Presale begins: March 12
  • Release Day: April 8

If you want to start reading stories from the volume, you have two options.

One, if you join my horror specific mailing list, you will get a free copy of Frozen Wasteland, the first story in the volume.

Two, if you buy a copy of Mill Pages Vol. 2 you will be able to read 1000 Things I Saw Before I Died, the second story in the volume.

The newsletter is going to get early access to everything including the cover and additional stories. They will also have the opportunity to get the completed volume so they can leave reviews.

This will be available as an ebook and paperback volume. I’m also working on the audiobook, which will hopefully be ready soon after the book’s release.

Watch here because I’ll be sharing more about this collection of stories and where it fits into all my other writing and publications.

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