Kraulaak and how it fits into everything else


There are two halves of my brain and two halves to my universe. One side is romantic and hopeful. That Sara sees the world as kind, open, and loving. She writes the romance stories even if her romance life isn’t as lovely as they are. Then there is the darker side. That Sara knows how cruel the world can be. She knows that people don’t always deserve the trust you give them. She is cynical and angry. She writes the horror stories where the world is much darker than her own reality.

These two halves of my brain work in a careful balance. I need them both and both need to be expressed through my writing. I can’t write the romance without the horror or the horror without the romance. I can’t have the kindness without the anger and I can’t find a way to be open and loving without the cynicism. I like to think it makes me an realistic optimist. I’m fully aware that there are factors I can’t control in this world and that I benefit from some of them. For example, I know my own privilege in this world as an (over) educated, upper middle class, white woman. I also know I’m still a woman and there are risks to being assertive and firm in my convictions.

The same is true for the world I write in. My stories share a universe… sort of. The horror universe is the flip side of the romance and fantasy world. You’re going to see that Kraulaak takes place in the same town as my upcoming novel Woodhouse Hall… sort of. They are flip sides of the same town. One side is the normal world where there is evil, but it has motivations that are a little more pure. The horror side is dark and the evil is rooted in our darker motivations like sustaining power.

There will be more horror stories happening in the flipped side of my universe. Watch for the darker side of Northanger Parks in a future volume of Mill Pages.

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