Closing the Blog

It’s hard to believe I’m about to do this. I’ve had this blog for nearly four years and in that time I’ve posted 505 times. This was the first time, in the many times I’ve tried blogging, that I figured out the magical formula to get me to write regularly. I was ready to start sharing my writing and that was part of why it seemed so easy to write the blog.

I never found the right voice for this blog at the same time. It never worked as a book blog, but it also never worked as me writing about my writing. Anyone who has read for the past four years will know I’m constantly trying to find the things to write about. Even now, as I make the decision to close the blog, there is a voice suggesting new types of posts I can write.

I’m closing the blog though. It’s happening and here’s the reason. I’m moving to Patreon. I’m writing a story there over a year, giving supporters early and exclusive access to the story as its written. I’m trying to do more videos over text posts. I’m trying to maintain my energy levels and not burn out before I’ve written everything I want to write. This blog has become something I’m struggling with and much of the content here now is ideal for Patreon supporters.

The Patreon and the blog are basically becoming one thing. Many of the blog type posts will be public.

Please feel free to ask your questions bellow. Also, sign up for my Patreon!

2 thoughts on “Closing the Blog

  1. Sarah, I am sorry it’s closing. It was fun, like the post cards. I will miss it. I think Patreon is a good thing. So, we move forward to the next adventure.

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