About My Book Club

This book club is made up of 1 person: Sara (me!).  I am a librarian and author in Massachusetts.  Welcome to my adventures in… well, whatever I am obsessing about right now.

I have been an avid reader most of my life.  I read all sorts of things in all sorts of mediums: print, ebook, audiobook, graphic novel, back of the box of girl scout cookies.  I am typically reading 6-8 books at once. I have been blogging off and on for years, but nothing ever stuck.  Then I decided to play it by ear and just keep evolving the blog as I got interested in things.  So, what started as a book blog, now primarily focuses on my writing and my own interest in whatever: Wikipedia, knitting, books, my dog, travel, writing, or anything else that seems interesting.

This is not a website for book reviews.  That’s not what I do.  There are plenty of great book review websites and book clubs.

This is really a place to share things with people.  I am typically posting profiles for characters in my books, sharing my thoughts on writing, and letting people get to know me better.

You won’t seen ads, but some content might link to a retailer like Amazon.com and I do make a small bit of money if you buy products through my link.  Also, if you buy a book, then I make some money that way.  My goal here is to share my world with you.


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