My Newest Obsession: Bullet Journals

The Knitting Bullet Journal

Right now it makes sense for me to have a couple of different journals organized the way bullet journals can be.  Why?  Primarily because I already had a collections of topic specific journals.  Today I am going to share my knitting journal.  I suspect this will be merged with my blog journal as it evolvesRead more

Knitting an Illusion!

It has been a while since I talked about knitting.  Don’t take that to mean I haven’t been knitting.  What do you think I do when I am sitting on the couch, Cedric sleeping on my lap, and the television is on?  I knit!  For the past three months I have been playing with IllusionRead more

New Knitting Pattern: Tilted Head Hat

I have not talked extensively about my knitting here, but knitting is a big part of my life.  One of the many reasons I like audiobooks is because I can knit while I listen.  Many of the women in my family knit and living in the north east has made it very easy to getRead more

Knitting Adventures: Ravellenic Games

I am suppose to be watching the Olympics, right?  Alas, I am not.  Instead I am watching… well, I am watching anything else.  I just have no interest in the Olympics unless we are talking about the winter and figure skating. What I am interested in is a related knitting competition called the Ravellenic Games.Read more