InCoWriMo and Postcards

International Correspondence Writing Month

Last year I got into sending mail via postcards and letters. I ran a postcard club where I mailed postcards to people who signed up. In February I participated in International Correspondence Month (InCoWriMo). In April I did another month long event called Write On. Through the rest of the year I did my bestRead more

The Loss of an Old Friend

I found out an old friend, from the days of my depression, passed away from a rare form of cancer. She wasn’t even 40, if I remember her age correctly. I had been thinking a lot about her lately, but we haven’t spoken since about 1999/2000. In fact, I don’t even know if she wouldRead more

Pinterest Board of the Month

Pinterest Board of the Month for April

Last month I started sharing some of my Pinterest boards.  This month I have a new board to share here on the blog.  These boards relate to this blog and my books. Persuasion: The Original With the cover reveal for Modern Persuasion happening at the end of the month, I thought it would be funRead more

I am a Bullet Journal Minimalist: A Manifesto

I am a Bullet Journal Minimalist: A Manifesto

I have been immersed in bullet journaling (BuJo) for a little over a month now and while my obsession hasn’t waned, I have gotten a pretty clear idea of how I want to treat my journal.  In the middle of this, I did get Katie (my sister) her own supply of bullet journaling stuff.  KatieRead more

My Newest Obsession: Bullet Journals

The Knitting Bullet Journal

Right now it makes sense for me to have a couple of different journals organized the way bullet journals can be.  Why?  Primarily because I already had a collections of topic specific journals.  Today I am going to share my knitting journal.  I suspect this will be merged with my blog journal as it evolvesRead more

NaBloPoMo - Dec 2016

Charm With Me Club

I don’t wear jewelry.  In fact, any jewelry I buy ends up becoming decoration.  My mother often offers to buy me a Pandora bracelet, but I refuse.  That is until I discovered the Charm With Me Club. Suddenly, I needed to have a charm bracelet.  Why?  Geek stuff, specifically Harry Potter beads. It’s your typicalRead more

My Newest Obsession: Bullet Journals

The Blog’s Bullet Journal

As much as my daily bullet journal has been amazingly helpful, I realized I needed one just for the… well, mostly the blog.  It’s more than this blog though, it’s everything I am managing outside of work and life.  It is the writing, the publishing, the promotion, and everything else that could come after that.Read more

It’s Official, Today I Turn 40

Today is my 40th birthday.  I am taking the day off of work, getting a massage, getting a facial, and getting a pedicure.  I am going out for ice cream with knitting friends later this evening.  This is turning into a month long celebration. My birthday is my favorite holiday.  I don’t really care aboutRead more

Sorry- I Am Busy Playing Pokemon

I tried to think of something to write today and I kept coming up with nothing.  Why?  Mostly because I am too busy playing Pokemon Go.  I started playing last Thursday and I am obsessed.  I was never a Pokemon fan and I still have very little context for what I am doing.  What IRead more