Recollection Wednesday: Julie & Julia (and the modern memoir)

Oh the food writer, chef, or foodie memoir.  I am a sucker for them.  I love food.  I love shows about food.  FOOD! Julie & Julia was the food memoir for my generation.  It includes all the key elements of a 2000 era memoir: Blogger post 9/11 questioning your life references to Buffy the VampireRead more

Recollection Wednesday: Sense & Sensibility (not the original)

There are some Austen books that are perfect for modernization.  There are some that are not every suppose to be updated at all. The key is in plot motivation and social construct.  The ones that work best are the ones that are still issues today: the pressure on women to get married, the pressure onRead more

Recollection Wednesday: Zero

This week I am getting into the micro-history of science.  Today I look back at Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea. I read this book about 7 years ago when I started the Book Lust challenge.  I was still working at Fitchburg State and found myself spending time with more scientists and mathematicians. I amRead more

Recollection Wednesday: The Iliad and Using LibriVox

I am not a huge fan of epic poems.  I have read a bunch in my lifetime.The Iliad is one that I read a few years ago.  I have never really had a deep passion for Greek mythology, but it was time to read it.  Yes, mostly because it was listed in Book Lust. At theRead more

Recollection Wednesday: Waiting for Snow in Havana

Waiting for Snow in Havana: Confessions of a Cuban Boy is another story about post-revolutionary life for Cubans.  In this case, it is a memoir about refugees. I didn’t read this in Miami.  In fact, I often avoided Cuban literature as a child and teenager.  I was just too close and I didn’t like the romanticismRead more

Recollect Wednesday: Eleanor & Park

I came late to Rainbow Rowell, but I made up for it quickly.  I am always tentative about taking on a new author, but when certain friends speak highly, I eventually give in.  Even I have trusted advisors when it comes to reading.  Eleanor & Park was the book that turned me into a fan.  Yes,theRead more

Recollection Wednesday: The Books of Hadley Irwin

Last Wednesday I laid into my middle school a bit more than is fair.  While I was forced to read 2 books that I strongly disliked (hated in one case and was too young for in the other), I got far more positive things from those 2 years than negative.  Middle school was where IRead more

Recollection Wednesday: The Martian Chronicles

I almost hated reading.  I blame school assigned readings.  For the two years of middle school I was forced to read two books that made me hate reading for a while.  One of those books: The Martian Chronicles. I was 12 and in 7th grade when I was forced to read this.  Here is some context:Read more