Summer Reading Challenge is Over!

You may remember, but probably not, that I did a summer reading program this summer.  I challenged readers to read at least 5 books so they could win some prizes.  I got stickers and prizes and made forms to help people track things for the 10 weeks of the event. I expected nobody to participate.Read more

Book Club of 1 Summer Reading 2016

Let’s do this! First things first- I need people to sign up! Some details about signing up.  This is so I can keep track of anyone participating.  Everyone who does sign up gets a special note from me and a sticker (see the graphic above).  Why?  Because I am love getting mail and stickers.  IRead more

Summer Reading! WIN PRIZES!

Ok, so do you want to try a summer reading program? What if there are prizes? Let’s do it! This is going to be simple.  The more you read, the more chances you have for prizes.  Your goal: read 5 books and get 1 ticket to the raffle.  For every additional 5 books, you getRead more

Thinking About May

The month of April is almost over and so is my daily publishing of entries.  I am ready to get back to 3-posts a week. With May looming, I am thinking about what comes next.  I am still enjoying writing this blog and I still have plenty to write about. So, what is coming upRead more