The Best and Worst of 2015

It is officially 2016!  I have been looking back at the books I read last year and thinking about the ones I enjoyed the most and those I liked the least.  Here is my list of both and why.  Keep in mind, I read about 130 books this year. The 10 Best Books I ReadRead more

10 Books That Make Me Happy

There are books I love and books I hate.  There are books that do nothing for me.  There are books that destroyed me emotionally, but I still love.  There are books I wish I never read.  There are books that draw me in so much that I get depressed when they get depressed; happy whenRead more

I Wish I had Skipped That Book

This is a tale of books that I wish I had skipped.  This is about the flip side of books I love.  This is about the books that annoyed me, insulted me, or I merely couldn’t finish. It take a lot for me to give up on a book.  For the Book Lust challenge, IRead more

My Favorite Authors – AKA TAKE MY MONEY!

Last week I told you about my Pride and Prejudice obsession.  If I see a pretty or important copy of P&P, I will give you my money.  There are actually quite a few authors I will order books from.  This list is not just those I will read without question.  These are authors I loveRead more

You have how many copies of Pride & Prejudice?

I *LOVE* Pride and Prejudice.  I love most Jane Austen books (not Sense & Sensibility- I just… can’t).  In close second is Persuasion.  The reason P&P comes first is because it was my first.  It was the first piece of adult literature I chose to read.  Before this I had been forced by teachers  toRead more

My Favorites: The 10 Books That Changed My Life

I was going to do this post last week and then Cedric Doggery came into my life.  I have barely had a chance to sit and relax, let alone write a blog post.  A few years ago, on another blog, I made a similar list- the top 10 books that changed my life.  Since thenRead more