Modern Persuasion Blog Tour

The Modern Persuasion Blog Tour

Tomorrow is a big day because tomorrow starts the Modern Persuasion Blog Tour!  It feels like forever ago that I started taking over the publishing of my novel.  It’s hard to believe that in just over a week, the book will be shipping to everyone who has pre-ordered it and people outside of my circlesRead more

Getting to Know Modern Persuasion

Getting to Know Modern Persuasion: Meet Ted

This character profile is going to be the last before Modern Persuasion is released.  There will be 2 more next month, but at this point you know most of the characters in the book. When the story starts there is something weird going on with Emma professionally.  I’m not going to spoil it, but TedRead more

Wikipedia as a Textbook?

I have a lot of big ideas about Wikipedia.  I have a lot of big ideas about a lot of things, but Wikipedia gets a lot of them these days.  One of these ideas is that Wikipedia can be used to replace textbooks. I am focusing on colleges and universities for this big idea becauseRead more

Pinterest Board of the Month

Pinterest Board of the Month!

Normally I wait to do these on Fridays, but with all the book release activity going on this month, things are going to be far more focused on Modern Persuasion as we get closer to the 29th.  Not everyone knows I have been doing profiles of characters in Modern Persuasion for the last year.  IRead more

Getting to Know Modern Persuasion

Getting to Know Modern Persuasion: Meet Tom Scott

We have just three more characters to meet in Modern Persuasion.  These are very small, but important characters.  They provide some motivation for both Emma and Fredrick as the story moved forward.  Today we start with Tom Scott. In Modern Persuasion, Tom Scott is a best selling author who just happens to be one ofRead more

My First Successful Edit-a-thon

The Story of My First Successful Edit-A-Thon

A few weeks ago I wrote about my big Wikipedia Edit-a-thon failure.  This week I want to talk about my first successful Edit-a-thon. Meeting Win There was about a 2 year span between the first and second Edit-a-thon experience.  I was trying to get some traction on campus to simply have bigger conversations.  I wasn’tRead more

Another April, Another Failed Camp NaNoWriMo And I Am Glad

Another April, Another Failed Camp NaNoWriMo And I Am Glad

Remember last April when I didn’t finish Camp NaNoWriMo?  No, well I did and this April I did it again.  Last time, I was merely OK with the failure.  This year, I am actually glad I didn’t finish.  Today I am going to talk about why I am very glad I failed at something IRead more

Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi

Novel No. 2: Phi Alpha Pi coming May 2018

I know, Modern Persuasion still hasn’t been published yet.  That doesn’t mean I’m not working on other things.  I am thrilled to announce that my second novel, Phi Alpha Pi is going to be publishing in May 2018 with Illuminated Myth Publishing.  Phi Alpha Pi is a modernization of Austen’s Pride and Prejudice set in theRead more

Modern Persuasion Pre-Sale Starts Now!

It has been nearly a year since I started the process of publishing Modern Persuasion.  My original plan to self-publish was put on hold when I went under contract with a publisher.  That all came back to the forefront again when I was given back the control I had given up a year before.  TodayRead more

Getting to Know Modern Persuasion

Getting To Know Modern Persuasion: Meet Mr. Musgrove

Here we are, in the last month before Modern Persuasion is published.  It was been a crazy two weeks.  In two weeks I finished the cover design (Royal James picked the direction, I just followed it to my end), format the inside of the novel (fonts are a big decision!), and set up pre-sale fromRead more