My first Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

My First Wikipedia Edit-a-thon Was A Failure

I never have a problem talking about my failures.  I fail routinely!  One of my biggest Wikipedia failures was my first Wikipedia program on campus, an edit-a-thon. The Edit-a-thon Plan I had wanted to run an edit-a-thon for a while.  I had been immersed in Wikipedia research, which included a news alter for Google.  IRead more

Modern Persuasion Cover Reveal

Modern Persuasion Cover Reveal

I did it!  After a week of frenzy and input from so many people, I am happy to share the cover of Modern Persuasion. Some background and thank you’s first.  This was an amazing process.  One of the many reasons I wanted a publisher was to take care of things like this.  This is whereRead more

Getting Ready For Modern Persuasion

I’m Having A Week

This week brought some bittersweet news.  Just a week before Modern Persuasion’s cover reveal was set to take place, my publisher decided to permanently shut down. All rights for the book reverted to me as well as a few drafts of the book cover, all of which I had already knew weren’t right for theRead more

Why I Edit Wikipedia

What’s the big deal?  So what?  I edit Wikipedia.  There are time when this is what my head tells me.  I often have to remind myself that it is a big deal. Not A Big Deal? The logic of my brain rests in the way academia and research circles work.  In this world contributions toRead more

Mill Pages Volume 1 On Sale Now

After years of participating in National Novel Writing Month, a few of us started a small writing group: Mill Pages.  That group has grown over the years and we have been publishing our short stories, poetry, and art work through a few different things.  We put a number of those items together in one magazineRead more

Getting to Know Modern Persuasion

Getting To Know Modern Persuasion: Mrs. Musgrove

As we near the publication of Modern Persuasion, we only have a few more characters to meet.  This month we are going to meet Mr. and Mrs. Musgrove.  These are Louisa and Tommy’s parents, Mary’s in-laws, and Thing 1 & 2’s grandparents.  Who are these people?  We really never know, but here are five thingsRead more

I Rejoined Toastmasters

I Rejoined Toastmasters

After a great start to Camp NaNoWriMo last weekend, I got side tracked for about a week for a variety of reasons.  I had a very productive week, it just wasn’t related to writing… in any capacity.  Even this blog post is being written late because I have been busy.  One of the main reasonsRead more

Cover Reveal Participants Wanted!

We are looking for some amazing bloggers again to participate in an upcoming cover reveal. It’s for the upcoming poetry collection, Cupping Water by John Falconer. The date for the cover reveal is on April 5, 2017. Join now! Send us an email to or click here to join our blog tour email list. Thanks!Read more

Pinterest Board of the Month

Pinterest Board of the Month for April

Last month I started sharing some of my Pinterest boards.  This month I have a new board to share here on the blog.  These boards relate to this blog and my books. Persuasion: The Original With the cover reveal for Modern Persuasion happening at the end of the month, I thought it would be funRead more

Why I Finally Started Editing Wikipedia

It took me years to go from casual Wikipedia editor to active Wikipedia editor.  There were so many things that kept me from becoming an active editor, but there were just as many things that helped me shift into the new role. First, what do I mean by active editor.  There are thousands of registeredRead more