30 Days of Wikipedia: Week 4 Update

Better late than never on this.  My whole week feels reversed.  I am back from Atlanta, but I am exhausted.  So much happened at the conference.  So very little of it was related to Wikipedia. That’s not to say I haven’t been working on Wikipedia.  It’s just been minimal.  I have been far more focusedRead more

30 Days of Wikipedia Week 3 Update

30 Days of Wikipedia: Happy 16th Birthday Wikipedia!

It has been a long, weird week and it’s only going to get more so.  After a stressful drive back from Syracuse.  What happened?  What was suppose to be a weekend in Syracuse with friends, two pending snow storms made me decide to leave early.  What was suppose to be a nice weekend, turned intoRead more

January 2017 Adventure: 30 Days of Wikipedia

January’s Adventure: 30 Days of Wikipedia

In a few days it will be January.  I am, again, changing things up on the blog.  Each month there will be a different adventure.  It could be NaNoWriMo, getting published, knitting, or Wikipedia.  The Monday posts will all be focused on that adventure.  I am planning each month’s adventure a head of time. InRead more