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Ask Me Anything – New Video Up!

My first Ask Me Anything video is up! Today I’m over with Dr. Kevin and Rona recording a new episode of Dragons, Unicorns, and Other Creative Creatures. It’s been over a year since Laura and I were on the show before Modern Persuasion came out. I will share that once it’s online, but until thenRead more

YouTube Videos

YouTube Video: Ask Me Anything Invitation!

For the rest of the summer, and into the fall, I’m going to be doing an Ask Me Anything video series on my YouTube Channel! You can post your questions in the comments here, on the YouTube video, on Twitter, on Facebook, on Instagram… whatever! I’ll find them and I’ll answer them. Check out theRead more

Creating a Press Kit- Ask Me Anything

Building a Press Kit- Ask Me Anything!

One of the big parts of promoting a new book is creating a press kit.  This is a set of documents that journalists and bloggers can use to help write about you and your book.  It includes the press release about the book, photo of the author, and a list of frequently asked questions.  ItRead more