Weekly Reading: Xenocide

I have read 3 of the books in Orson Scott Card’s Ender Wiggin Series.  I enjoyed the first two books, but Xenocide, the third in the series, left me irritated.  Why?  Well, for the same reason my own work can sometimes irritate me: too much explaining.  All that seems to happen in the book is peopleRead more

Interview with Blog “Coffee with Architects of Worlds Afar”

A Saturday bonus post because I was interviewed!  Yes, the first interview has come out for Modern Persuasion.  You can read it on the blog: Coffee with Architects of Worlds Afar. Leave a comment, share the post, follow the blog, and use it to find other books you may like to read! Don’t forget aboutRead more

Publishing on a Whim

A couple of weeks ago I sat in a small workshop for local writers.  The discussion was suppose to be about getting an agent to help you get published.  Most of the people in the room were self-published authors or those published with small publishers looking to take the next step.  The speaker asked us aboutRead more

Weekly Reading: The Fireman

In January, when I was at the ALA conference, one of the books I was most excited about was Joe Hill’s The Fireman.  I was disappointed when I couldn’t grab a copy, but was thrilled when one of their staff members sent it to me in the mail. I wanted to listen to the audiobook though.Read more

Happy Gotcha Day Cedric Doggery!

What a crazy year it has been!  This blog has allowed me to share so much in the past year. One of the biggest changes in my life has been welcoming Cedric Doggery into it.  To the outside, a lot of my choices may seem like whims.  What you don’t see if the internal debate,Read more

Congratulations Pat and Vic!

Two characters in Modern Persuasion are named (and very loosely based on) two of my closest friends: Christi and Patrick.  We spend more time with Patrick in the novel and I even borrowed his fiancé Victor to be part of the story in a very similar role as he plays in life. Vic and Pat areRead more

Weekly Reading: Adnan’s Story

I have been waiting for the release of Adnan’s Story: The Search for Truth and Justice After Serial since it was announced months ago.  I came to the first season of Serial late in the game.  I started listening just in time for the release of the last episode.  I came to Undisclosed well after it was popularRead more

Getting to Know Modern Persuasion: Meet Emma's Mother

Getting to Know Modern Persuasion: Meet Emma’s Mother

While she has already passed away years before our story begins, Emma’s mother is an important character because her life and death had such a strong impact on the people around her.  Here are 5 things you won’t know about her from reading the book: Her name is Violet. Her favorite musician was Billy Joel.Read more

Weekly Reading: Northanger Abbey Read-A-Long

This November, for National Novel Writing Month, I am trying something new.  Christi and I are going to write a novel together.  We are going to modernize Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey as a ghost hunting adventure. We are doing a lot to prepare.  Including watching ghost hunting television shows, horror movies, and more.  One thingRead more