Monthly Recap

August Recap

August came with a much-needed break and reboot. All the decisions made in July needed to be put into action. I primarily spent the month writing and outlining what I want to write moving forward. What went on with each book this month? Here’s the recap! Modern Persuasion: This is currently the newsletter freebie onRead more

Phi Alpha Pi Launch Party Recap

Last year, when Modern Persuasion came out, I considered having a release party. There was one reason I decided against it, the fear that nobody would come. It’s weird anxiety based on my experience promoting library events that nobody comes to, my sense of how small my group of people seemed in comparison to peopleRead more

A Currency of Culture: Likes!

A Currency of Culture: Likes!

I was going to write a follow up about an event I attended this past weekend, but a conversation has been happening in my world and coming from multiple directions.  I feel the need to write about it.  What is the issue: the cultural currency that is ‘likes’ on Facebook and other social media. CulturalRead more