My Favorite Libraries: Pollard Memorial Library

There are a variety of reasons to love a library.  For most people, it is connected to the service they get from the librarians.  When I think back to my good library experiences, almost all of them are the result of the librarians who work at said library.  Even when you don’t see the librariansRead more

Book Stores I Love: Serpentine Books & Collectibles

Living in Lowell has been… weird.  For nearly 6 years I been living in a place without bookstores.  Well, for four and a half of those years there has been no bookstore other than the campus bookstore. For a while the campus bookstore seems to have served as a city bookstore, but that was becauseRead more

My Childhood: Stephen King

I was about fourteen when I first read Carrie.  I remember spending a few hours on the couch and consuming the entire book before the end of the day.  I had never been that engrossed in any book before.  Reading an entire book in one day was something I had never done before at that pointRead more

My Favorite Authors – AKA TAKE MY MONEY!

Last week I told you about my Pride and Prejudice obsession.  If I see a pretty or important copy of P&P, I will give you my money.  There are actually quite a few authors I will order books from.  This list is not just those I will read without question.  These are authors I loveRead more

My Favorites: The 10 Books That Changed My Life

I was going to do this post last week and then Cedric Doggery came into my life.  I have barely had a chance to sit and relax, let alone write a blog post.  A few years ago, on another blog, I made a similar list- the top 10 books that changed my life.  Since thenRead more