Can A Year Suck and Be Awesome At the Same Time?

Can A Year Suck and Be Awesome At the Same Time?

I am pretty sure everyone agrees that, at some point in time, 2016 sucked.  My family had this discussion at Thanksgiving.  We had a tough year.  Both my grandmothers passed away this year.  The election.  Other things happened that weren’t necessarily awesome. I protested; my year had been pretty awesome.  I got tenure, which cameRead more

Re-Assessing My Life Goals: Education

Last week I mentioned how I was re-thinking life goals.  This week, I am going to focus on the goals I have had for education. Let me set the stage to help put this all into context.  I already have 2 masters degrees and $80,000 of debt (mostly from the Library Science degree).  I am theRead more

Sometimes I Fail and It’s Cool

I failed at something this week.  Basically, I proposed something at work and, after quite a bit of consideration, we decided not to do it.  Why?  While what I proposed was a good idea and would have solved a number of problems, it would have created some problems we are actively trying to avoid.  ItRead more