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Lessons Learned From Modern Persuasion

A year ago my world was so different than it is today. Like with all passage of times, most of those differences are things I never expected. So many of those differences revolve around my experiences publishing and promoting Modern Persuasion. I’ve explored about how different things are in other posts. Today, it’s time toRead more

Local Book Event: Pulp & Press IV

Recap of Pulp & Press: Adventures and Lessons

This past weekend was an annual book event called Pulp & Press.  It is done at Mill No. 5, an old mill that has been converted into a spot to shop locally.  I have talked about the Mill before.  Serpentine Books is there.  I am frequently at the coffee shop to write or meet people.Read more

Can A Year Suck and Be Awesome At the Same Time?

Can A Year Suck and Be Awesome At the Same Time?

I am pretty sure everyone agrees that, at some point in time, 2016 sucked.  My family had this discussion at Thanksgiving.  We had a tough year.  Both my grandmothers passed away this year.  The election.  Other things happened that weren’t necessarily awesome. I protested; my year had been pretty awesome.  I got tenure, which cameRead more

Sometimes I Fail and It’s Cool

I failed at something this week.  Basically, I proposed something at work and, after quite a bit of consideration, we decided not to do it.  Why?  While what I proposed was a good idea and would have solved a number of problems, it would have created some problems we are actively trying to avoid.  ItRead more