InCoWriMo and Postcards

International Correspondence Writing Month

Last year I got into sending mail via postcards and letters. I ran a postcard club where I mailed postcards to people who signed up. In February I participated in International Correspondence Month (InCoWriMo). In April I did another month long event called Write On. Through the rest of the year I did my bestRead more

Postcard Club

Don’t Forget: 2017 Postcard Club!

It’s nearly 2017!  I am very excited for 2017 for a variety of reasons.  One of those reasons: The Postcard Club! This week I went to the Post Office and picked up a crazy number of stamps for postcards.  I have gotten everything organized too.  I found all the postcards I have around the houseRead more

Postcard Club

Book Club of 1 Postcard Club

I am trying something new for 2017, a postcard club! Over the 12 months of 2017, I will send monthly postcards to those who sign up. What do you need to do?  Nothing, actually.  I don’t expect postcards in return.  I don’t expect anything, I just like the idea of sending people postcards!  You canRead more