NaNoWriMo 2016

After NaNoWriMo 2016: Moving Forward

It’s time for me to consider what happens with what I wrote for NaNoWriMo 2016.  There are two different projects to consider.  First, there is the background information for Northanger Farm.  This was an exercise to help Christi and me develop what we want to write.  To move forward I have to give Christi whatRead more

My Newest Obsession: Bullet Journals

The Knitting Bullet Journal

Right now it makes sense for me to have a couple of different journals organized the way bullet journals can be.  Why?  Primarily because I already had a collections of topic specific journals.  Today I am going to share my knitting journal.  I suspect this will be merged with my blog journal as it evolvesRead more

NaBloPoMo - Dec 2016

Charm With Me Club

I don’t wear jewelry.  In fact, any jewelry I buy ends up becoming decoration.  My mother often offers to buy me a Pandora bracelet, but I refuse.  That is until I discovered the Charm With Me Club. Suddenly, I needed to have a charm bracelet.  Why?  Geek stuff, specifically Harry Potter beads. It’s your typicalRead more

My Newest Obsession: Bullet Journals

The Blog’s Bullet Journal

As much as my daily bullet journal has been amazingly helpful, I realized I needed one just for the… well, mostly the blog.  It’s more than this blog though, it’s everything I am managing outside of work and life.  It is the writing, the publishing, the promotion, and everything else that could come after that.Read more

My Newest Obsession: Bullet Journals

My Newest Obsession: Bullet Journals

I am prone to obsessions.  I have always loved collecting journals.  I am a list maker, a goal setter, and life tracker.  I like having an analog journal and calendar, not just digital ones.  I like being able to sit in bed or on the couch, and reflect on what I have going on, whatRead more

NaNoWriMo 2016: The End… Not Really

NaNoWriMo is over!  I am done!  Well, as done as I can be.  What happened in the end? Quite a lot happened and all in about 2 days.  As I have mentioned before, I didn’t really write a novel this year.  I wrote 2 things.  First, the background necessary to help me co-write a novelRead more

NaBloPoMo - Dec 2016

… And Now It’s December

There are 31 days left in the year of 2016. For those 31 days I am going to post to the blog every day! I was trying to decide what to write today and I looked back to see what I was doing this time last year.  Last year I was still thinking that thisRead more

November is Over, What About December?

November is over!  Well, in about 12 hours… Twelve long hours in what may be a pretty crummy month.  Does this mean December will be super awesome?  Nope!  It just means it will be December and time remains a social construct! In a few hours we will know the final results of my 2016 NaNoWriMoRead more

The End of April and NaBloPoMo

This is the end… Not really- it’s just the end of April and my National Blog Posting month.  It was an interesting month.  A lot of things happened, most of them mentioned here. I wrote at least 1 post a day, every day. My statistics weren’t all that much higher than any of the recentRead more

Thinking About May

The month of April is almost over and so is my daily publishing of entries.  I am ready to get back to 3-posts a week. With May looming, I am thinking about what comes next.  I am still enjoying writing this blog and I still have plenty to write about. So, what is coming upRead more