You Are Such A Good Speaker! When did that happen?

I am writing this post while in Vermont, but you are probably reading this post when I am in Miami. This is because things are crazy again. I have been doing a lot of speaking over the past year. I have been, obviously, speaking to groups about Modern Persuasion. I had a virtual book clubRead more

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Not A Blog Tour: The Rotary Club in Lowell

It’s always fascinating to see the web of my world come to life.  Yes, I didn’t grow up in Massachusetts, but my mother did and my parents lived here for quite a while before we moved to Miami.  Even now, after 15 years, I have connections where I least expect it.  One of those connectionsRead more

I Rejoined Toastmasters

I Rejoined Toastmasters

After a great start to Camp NaNoWriMo last weekend, I got side tracked for about a week for a variety of reasons.  I had a very productive week, it just wasn’t related to writing… in any capacity.  Even this blog post is being written late because I have been busy.  One of the main reasonsRead more