Book Club of 1 Summer Reading 2016

Let’s do this! First things first- I need people to sign up! Some details about signing up.  This is so I can keep track of anyone participating.  Everyone who does sign up gets a special note from me and a sticker (see the graphic above).  Why?  Because I am love getting mail and stickers.  IRead more

Summer Reading! WIN PRIZES!

Ok, so do you want to try a summer reading program? What if there are prizes? Let’s do it! This is going to be simple.  The more you read, the more chances you have for prizes.  Your goal: read 5 books and get 1 ticket to the raffle.  For every additional 5 books, you getRead more

Group Read: The End of Summer

I had a whole different post planned for today, but I realized that August is about to end.  My reading is about to slow down.  Primarily because classes start on Tuesday and my fall, as usual, is packed with things to do.  No longer will I be able to sit in my office, headphones onRead more