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Turning 40 and What I’ve Learned (nothing…I’ve learned nothing)

The thing about being an adult (and I think I can say this with some authority, as I have been an adult over half my life) is that it’s a bunch of BS.  The idea that there is an expected way we behave as adults, responsibilities we are required to take on, and accomplishments we… Continue reading Turning 40 and What I’ve Learned (nothing…I’ve learned nothing)

Weekly Meeting · Read A Long

Weekly Reading: Northanger Abbey Read-A-Long

This November, for National Novel Writing Month, I am trying something new.  Christi and I are going to write a novel together.  We are going to modernize Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey as a ghost hunting adventure. We are doing a lot to prepare.  Including watching ghost hunting television shows, horror movies, and more.  One thing… Continue reading Weekly Reading: Northanger Abbey Read-A-Long