Book Club of 1: Maybe a Book Club of Many?

My normal Book Club is having a hiccup.  These things happen.  My much anticipated hosted meeting ended up being just Christi and me.  We had a blast knitting and watching David Tennant in Richard II (she got me the Blue Ray of the show as a gift because: David Tennant).  We discussed this book club.  She expressed an interest in maybe this being a book club of 2 every so often.  I thought about it and I like the idea of there periodically being a voice other than mine.  Why?  Other people read other books and other people feel differently about the same books.

I am going to try an experiment this month.  I have looked over my hold list on Overdrive and my other anticipated books for the month of August.  I would love to have some people read with me and share their thoughts about it.  We all don’t have to read the same book.  I have a list of 5 that you can pick from (or not pick from).

  1. Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography
  2. Armada
  3. Lucky You
  4. Juliet, Naked
  5. How Evan Broke His Head and Other Secrets (I read this already, but it was going to be the real-life book club August selection and not won’t be so… yeah)

Don’t want to read these, but want to add a title?  OK, just post in the comments.  Actually, post your thoughts on any or all of these books in the comments.  When I do the meeting for that book then your comments will be included.  I may make additional comments and you can respond to those as well.  If nobody participates then no big deal.  The point is, read along with me!

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