Book Club of 1: Meeting 6 – Neil Patrick Harris is Amazeballs!

Books Finished:

Moscato and Chips
Moscato and Chips


  • The last bit of Moscato wine that Pat, Christi, and I drank Saturday night.


  • Those special Lays truffle fries potato chips- they are pretty good- like sour cream and onion.

When I saw Neil Patrick Harris at Book Expo in 2014, I knew I needed to get a copy of his autobiography from his publisher.  Then they gave me a small excerpt.  I was annoyed because Jason Segel was also there with his book and they gave us a similar excerpt.  I dislike excerpt.  Having two actors I love from How I Met Your Mother with books coming out, but not given away was annoying.  To make it even worse Cary Elwes has a book coming out that I also wanted and was handed… you guessed it… a excerpt.  I paid for print copies of all three books with pleasure and then also got the audiobooks.  All three were great audiobooks.  I have already gone on about how great Elwes is as a reader.  Segel was good, but NPH was fun.  He is a great reader.  I have been on the hold list for this audiobook since April.  It was worth the wait.

Here is the thing about comedian memoir audiobooks:

  1. they are often read by the author
  2. these people are funny
  3. these people wrote the book they are reading
  4. these people know the intended tone
  5. Sometimes other funny people participate in their audiobook

Anyway, why should I go on and on when you can actually listen to an excerpt yourself.

Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography by Neil Patrick Harris – Excerpt

See what I did there- I only gave you an excerpt like those jerks did to me.  You know my pain!

Also, if you paid attention to my public twitter account (@sara_marks) you may have caught an excerpt for Jenny Lawson’s Furiously Happy audiobook, which she reads.

Please to enjoy- next week: ARMADA!  I am super excited and really enjoying it.

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