Book Club of 1: Week 9 – Truth?

The Truth According to Us
The Truth According to Us

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I was thrilled when I saw Barrows on a list of authors speaking at Book Expo.  It was for a librarians-only lunch and I RSVPed right away.  I loved The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.  LOVED.  Debbie got it for me for a birthday gift and it was a great book.  I loved the style, the letters, and (while I didn’t need a love story) the ending.  The Truth According to Us is not the same book.  It includes letters, but it has more narrative than I expected.  It got me a bit stuck on the idea of truth.  I almost wrote a master’s thesis about truth and Wikipedia until I realized that would take forever and possibly a PhD in philosophy as well.  There isn’t one truth.  Facts are specific, but truth is subjective.  When you look over the list of books that changed my life, you might see that I come back to this over and over.  The good guy for one character is the villain to another.  We often confuse truth and facts.  The whole debate about Wikipedia is centered on this idea: truth, facts, and verification.

Putting issues with truth and perspective aside, there are other barriers to truth.  Namely, we are often living life and making decisions based on incorrect or incomplete information.  We never know what we don’t know.  I am obsessed with the Serial podcast (and it’s follow-up Undisclosed).  It’s true crime and a fascinating look at what is true when you don’t have all the information.  I often get drawn into fan conversations and read so much weird speculation.  I am fascinated at how people make up weird logic to fill in the information gaps.  We assume someone is innocent or guilty with only the information provided.  Yet, we still want to fill in those gaps.

The Truth According to Us plays off of both these issues: different points of view and incomplete/incorrect information.  The way we view people based on how information is presented and how much information is presented.  It plays with the dirty secrets in small towns.  It is fun.  I am not suggesting true crime fans will love this book.  It’s not a mystery really (it has mystery elements).  If you like discovering information, uncovering something new knowledge, and things like that- you may enjoy this book.

Next meeting: Guest writer?  Yes!  My friend Christi takes control for a week with her Book Club of 1 discussing As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride.  Do you want to take control for a week?  Let me know and we can set something up for October, November, or December.

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